Rules of the Road Cowboy Angel Sings


"Dylan's had dust in his face, wind in his hair
and a boot on his ass for over 35 years now...
if'n that don't qualify as 'cowboy'
then I'd sure like to know what does!"
- Janice (Lonesome Traveler)

Rules of the Road


The songs are classified into three categories: "Covers," "Originals," and "Alternates." Songs not written or co-written by Dylan (or The Traveling Wilburys) are listed as "Covers." Songs "arranged" by Dylan will be considered covers, and so are included in this category. (Currently only those songs on the officially-released Bob Dylan albums, as well as those sung by him live in concert from 1994 to the present, are listed.) I've tried to stay consistant in the classification, but I am in no respect claiming any sort of perfection. (See
Additions/ Corrections further down.) Songs written or co-written by Dylan are listed in the "Originals" section; this section is comprised of links to websites which contain lyrics to songs composed by Dylan. The "Alternates" section is comprised of links to three websites which have lyrics to alternate versions of songs performed by Bob Dylan.


Dylan has been known to vary the lyrics of his songs, so the lyrics that you read on this website may not be the same as you have heard on an album, a bootleg, or live in concert. Unless otherwise specified, most of the Dylan-composed lyrics at this website are the versions heard on the officially-released albums. The cover song lyrics at this website may be the original version, Dylan's version, or even the version of another artist/group who covered the song. See individual cover song pages.


Lyric Sources

Most of the lyrics in the "By-Album" listing and the "Covers" section are links to other websites, including lyric databases, guitar chord sites, and webpages dedicated to artists/ musical groups such as The Grateful Dead and The Band. All lyric links should be attributed to the provider of the link. If you see any link not attributed, please let me know.

Information Sources

  1. EDLIS Agents and other Rmd'ers
    (Information gained from and hwy61-l digest are attributed to the original posters. If something you have posted on rmd appears on this website, and you would prefer that it not be included, please let me know, and I will remove it.)
  2. Dundas, Glen. Tangled Up In Tapes: The Recordings of Bob Dylan. Thunder Bay: SMA, 1994
  3. Krogsgaard, Michael. Positively Bob Dylan: A Thirty Year Discography, Concert & Recording Session Guide 1960-1991. Ann Arbor: Popular Culture, 1991.
  4. DylanBase. Programming by Keith Charles Marsh, Data collated by Chris Cooper.
  5. Bill Pagel's Bob Links
  6. Olof Björner's 1994 and 1995 files
  7. Individual contributions (as specified)


Song Titles

Performance Dates


Any input would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you:

  • Think that some song listed in one category should rightfully be placed in another
  • Know of another website which has the lyrics to one of the songs and which is in some way favourable to the current link (i.e. is a faster link, or contains just the lyrics, instead of both the lyrics and the guitar chords, etc.)
  • Would like to add background information about any of the songs
  • Know any facts (or rumours) about Dylan's performances of any of the cover songs
  • Found any mistakes on my pages
  • Or, for whatever other reason you would like to contact me, feel free to do so.
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    It's funny how things never turn out the way you had 'em planned ...

    Oh, how true! The structure for this website has changed so many times since I began working on it in June, 1996. So it's only appropriate that the first person I thank is Ben Taylor, who has given me an incredible amount of help and information and has led me back on track countless times. I think I would have become discouraged a long time ago because of the numerous obstacles which have come in my path, and perhaps even given up this project, if it weren't for Ben to give me advice and help me decide new directions to take.

    Several other EDLIS agents and rmd'ers have given me a significant amount of help as well, and I would like to let them know how much I appreciate it. All those with whom I have come into contact have been very willing to help, usually to a greater extent than merely answering whatever specific question I had posed.

    A very special thanks to Angela Kweon — for the drawings, for my first Dylan album, and so much else. ¡Viva la revolución!

    I would particularly like to acknowledge all of the songwriters whose songs are mistakenly labelled "traditional," for they receive no credit for their work.

    Of course, I can't forget the center of this project, without whom this site would, of course, never have been created. Thank you, Mr. Dylan, for all your music has provided me.

    In the words of Dobie Gray's "Drift Away":

    Thanks for the joy that you've given me,
    I want you know I believe in your song,
    The rhythm and rhyme and harmony,
    To help me along,
    Making me strong ...

    Hmmm ... I guess that's it. Hope you enjoy this site!


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